Activities at Volcanoes National Park Vacation Rentals

Activities at Volcanoes National Park Vacation Rentals

With Volcano Park Rentals near the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and many, many more outdoor adventures and activities, you will find this is the place to be. Whether it’s the hiking on jungle trails, viewing the waterfalls, going to the Botanical or Japanese Gardens, or any of the other fun activities that will make your day, we are your home base to come home to the peace and tranquility to get you ready for more adventures!”
Hawaii Volcano Park Vacation Rentals

Activities at Volcanoes National Park Vacation Rentals is minutes away from Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii, which is the home to two active volcanoes.   How many people do you know who have actually seen a Live Volcano??  You have the opportunity to visit this National Park and see molten lava flowing into the sea…walk on lava beds and see the steam coming out of the core of our Planet. You can visit the Jagger Museum and learn all about volcanoes and at night go outside the Museum and watch the white glow of steam coming out of a volcano.  As the water droplets whirl into the air, they reflect the red glow of the volcano where the lava gets to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit!   When I first moved here, I knew about the volcanoes, but didn’t think much of it until I was driving home from Kona one night and witnessed the huge volcano crater, about a half-mile wide, spewing out steam and you could see the red glow from miles away!  While you’re at Volcano Park Rentals make sure you take time to visit one of Nature’s Wonders!

The Jaggar Museum, named after the famous geologist Thomas Jagger , is one of the “must see” places to visit while you are staying at the Volcano Park Rentals.  Located inside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the museum itself is open till 8 pm.  Make sure to watch some of the videos that are playing.  Then come back at night and watch the active volcano spewing out steam from the center of the earth!  The molten lava reaches temperatures of over 2020 degrees Fahrenheit and the water droplets from the steam reflect the red-hot lava to create an amazing vision that will stay with you forever!

Here are some view points along Chain of Craters Road:

-Lua Manu Crater * Pauahi Crater *  Thurston Lava Tube
– View of Mauna Ulu on left and Pu’u Hulululu to the left of it.
-There is a vast lava field that goes as far as the eye can see
– Muliwai a Pele: Stunning 5-mile long “muliwai” – or river of lava.
– Kealakomo: Amazing view of the ocean – overlooks the coastal
village of Kealakomo, which was buried in a 1971 lava flow.
– Alanui Kahiko: Cool – old highway that was covered by lava in 1972.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Guided Tours
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Guided Tours

You can walk on the dried lava – Great Coastal Views
– Holei Sea Arch & Ranger Station

Hike through a forest of tree ferns and you will come upon a prehistoric lighted cave-like lava tube.  In 1913 this lava tube was discovered by Lorrin Thurston, a local resident. When walking through the tube realize that hundreds of years ago red lava rushed through these tubes like a river. Learn More