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Spacious Rooms with Private Full Bathrooms with Complimentary Breakfast from $50
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Minutes from Volcanoes Park, Hawaii, on the Big Island, is one of the most beautiful and peaceful properties in the area. Here you can find the best Volcanoes National Park Rentals. Most famous for its spacious rooms and high-quality design along with its helpful staff. It is set on an expansive 25 acres of jungle and open space in the Nature Forest Reserve.  You’ll always remember Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Rentals – Spacious Rooms, Nice Helpful Staff.

Volcano National Park is minutes away and near to many Natural Wonders on The Big Island. Come stay with us at our amazing Volcanoes National Park Hawaii RentalsVolcanoes National Park Hawaii B &B rentals. Come stay at the Perfect Location… Spacious Rooms and Friendly Staff. Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Vacation Rentals is the perfect spot to be your home-base to relax. You can go hiking and view all of the Natural Wonders that comprise The Big Island of Hawaii! The friendly staff can help you plan exciting outings and adventures. This includes outdoor tours. The Big Island, as the locals call it, is officially called “Hawaii“.

It is part of the chain of islands that compromise our 50th State – Hawaii. The most visited National Park on The Big Island is Volcanoes National Park. This huge park contains the Jaggar Museum and the main Ranger building, which is filled with exhibits and friendly, helpful Park Rangers that will explain all about volcanoes and the Park. This National Park contains two active volcanoes – Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The Big Island has beautiful and diverse terrain from black sand and green sand beaches to vibrant rainforests.” Volcanoes National Park Hawaii – this area has volcanic action happening and you can see it from great viewpoints around the park.

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Jagger Museum of Hawaii

The Thomas A. Jagger Museum is a great place to visit. It was named after the famous geologist, Thomas Jagger in the 1900’s. In 1985 the Forestry Department built the museum and named it after him.The spectacular Hawai’i Volcanoes Volcanoes National Park | Jagger Museum Tour is the place to visit to learn about volcanoes. You can see the smoke and steam coming from this active volcano and the water coming up (steam) refracts the molten lava from below and creates an interesting spectacle.  Learn More

Volcano Garden Hawaii Arts and Cafe

Close by the Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Rentals is the Volcano Garden Hawaii Arts establishment which boasts a cute outdoor cafe. The owner, Ira Ono, bought the property from the 1908 Hooper Estate and transformed it into is a present creative state. They have a nice variety of tasty dishes along with a few gluten-free dishes. Tell Ira that Katy Joy said to stop by!”


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Stephanie of Germany: January 2017

“While searching online for vacation rentals near the Volcanoes National Park Hawaii,  I found this website.  Their “Celestial Sanctum”  (Hawaii Volcanoes Park Rentals ) Retreat Center is truly a place of peace. The rooms are spacious, full of light and super clean. Katy Joy invited me to join her daily Qi Gong practice on their beautiful Deck of Expansion. The rental near Volcanoes National Park night sky and stars were beautiful! I really hope I’ll come back to their place at the end of my journey. Mahalo for everything!


Lana and her Husband Anton had a great time at the Celestial Sanctum Retreat Center:

Just WOW! We were very lucky to stay for several nights at this magical location.  The location is very central for both adventures. Volcanoes National Park Hawaii rentals and relaxing tours in the peaceful environment. Oh, and you will get a healthy and delicious breakfast meal every morning! We highly recommended Volcanoes Park Rentals.


Our Visitor from Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Rentals  Venezuela, Reinaldo,  stayed at the Hawaii Volcano National Park B & B for 3 weeks.


Here is his feedback:

“Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Vacation Rentals is a great place to vacation.  The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park rentals near the national park is well-constructed and finished with very good taste. This place felt like home.  Katy Joy and Rick is very concerned about you having a great time. They will ask you how you like things to be done.  The top volcanoes park rentals are in the center of everything, the waterfalls, the volcanoes, the best beaches.”




Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Volcanoes Park Rentals is on one of the nicest properties in the Glenwood/Volcano area. Relax at night in our comfortable, spacious rooms on high-quality beds with 100% Cotton sheets. Get ready for adventures close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you can hike jungle trails around the lava flows. At night you can see live volcanoes from the Jagger Museum viewpoint. Venture out and swim with the dolphins. Visit the Observatory and see the snow up close. Hike the trails to the Akaka Falls.” Looking for the Top Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Vacation Rentals?  Click HERE